Blue Lagoon: You can never go too many times

You already know that Portland is our favourite parish, and one of our favourite things to do is to go for a boat ride in Blue Lagoon and then stop by Monkey Island or San San Beach for a lazy afternoon, That’s exactly what we did a few Saturdays ago. Luckily, the price for the…

YS Falls: Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of our YS Falls post. It is really a gem. There are quite a few activities, so there’s something for everybody. There’s even zip-lining! The property is also absolutely breath-taking.  

YS Falls: Part 1

  We all know Portland is our favourite parish, however we have a series on YS Falls that will perhaps change that, even just for a little while. YS Falls located in St, Elizabeth is nothing short of a treasure. We had an amazing time there. There is a river pool, which is pictured here,…

The best Chinese food life has to offer

The title may sound dramatic, but it’s true. China Express located inside Marketplace (67 Constant Spring Road, Kingston) has the  BEST Chinese food you will ever taste. Try it for yourselves, there’s a reason the staff knows us by name. Light lunch? Sweet and sour chicken

A scene from a weekend well spent

Doctor’s Cave Beach Montego Bay, St. James   This is a MUST STOP on any trip to MoBay. Things to know: There is a fee to enter There are also fees associated with beach chairs and umbrellas (we suggest you bring your own beach mat and take a large umbrella to stick in the sand)…

Night Life: for the not-so-party animal

  If you’re not a party animal then what are you? A party pooper? Nah. You’re not that either… you just may prefer to be at home most nights and occasionally surface for a drink. You may even want to hear a few “current” hits blaring from a speaker (which is not located in your…

Favourite mural

  Cross Roads Kingston This mural was painted on the side of a building, which has now been repainted and turned into a shopping mall. However, information on the artist can be obtained by clicking the links above.   So excited about finding this mural and the artist behind it, may even do a blog…

Jamaican Artist: Michael Thompson

    We discovered this artist’s work shortly after his death and have fallen in love with his work. Take a look at the link above and buy his work if you can. It’s amazing !

#FoodieLog: May 28, 2016

While we at WhereInJa write about a range of experiences in Jamaica, we are really here for the food. I’m sure you can’t fault us for that, Jamaican food is really bewitching (no, we are not talking about obeah), the food jus’ nice man.  Recently, two fast food chains released new items on their menu.