Back to School Season

This is the very first post on WhereInJa and it has to be a back to school feature,  since September is knocking at out doorsteps. ..

If you’re just getting your child’s back to school clothes, shoes, books and other accessories you may be a bit late and some persons may call you “the last minute parent/guardian” however, waiting until last minute may very well work in the favour of  you last minute, economical shoppers.

Waiting until the last minute very many times means getting the good deals: MegaMart (with stores in Portmore, Kingston, Montego Bay and coming soon to Mandeville) released their back to school specials in the Jamaica Observer just  this weekend, other great places to check for affordable back to school supplies:

  • Hanna’s Better Buy
  • Joseph’s
  • PriceSmart Wholesale Club (it may cost you a bit to sign up $3500JMD but remember you do get joint membership, so you may split the cost with someone and think of all the possible savings)
  •  Woolworth 
  • Bryan’s Bookstore (usually has competitive prices on books)
  • Kingston Bookshop (relatively good prices )
  • Sammy’s Shoe Store (their prices had gotten out of hand a few years ago, but they have returned to their once affordable ways)
  • Bashco (which is basically the cheaper MegaMart)

… and the list goes on depending on which area you reside, feel free to share your Back to School Saving stories with us.

Also, LIME will be hosting a Back to School Extravaganza at JamWorld in Portmore this weekend. I’ll tell you more on that later… 


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