Fun in Ja

It’s the weekend. . .
What is there to do? … Where In Ja will you be this weekend?
Well here is a list of events / places which will provide fun, relaxation or the perfect party atmosphere.

Relaxation/ Family events:
• The Beach : be it in town, ‘roun town or out of town, the beach is always a perfect place to relax and have a good time with friends or family (pictured is Fort Clarence Beach in Portmore)

•Kingston Kitchen @ Hope Gardens : this event was to take place last week, but was postponed to this Saturday (September 1, 2012). This event usually goes on until about 9:00 pm. It’s basically a food festival, so no need to eat before you go, and nearer to the end of the event they start selling stuff at discounted prices

•Reve Wellness Festival @ Devon House : The owners of Reve Jewellery have decided to put on this event themed “Liv Gud… Giv Tanx” to promote physical and mental wellness. Its free and will be filled with activity. Sunday, September 2 2012

•Heineken Good Times is on this Saturday (September 1, 2012) at the New Mas Camp

• Clubbing is always an option – Ultra @ Fiction, Quad, Privilege, Eras

• Escape 24/7 is always a good vibe.

Sporting events:
• Roper Cup is taking place at the St. George’s College football field on Saturday, September 1. The Roper Cup is an annual event where St. Georges and Kingson College Manning Cup teams go head to head. Old Boys will also compete. Although the football matches may be done by 5. There will be a lyme until 9 pm, or rather until you say when.

•Premier League 2012/2013 season kicks off on Sunday. Six matches will take place across the island. Go and support your favourite teams.


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