Bites of the Week


This is one of our new features for 2013. At the end of each month we’ll be doing a “Bites of the Week” feature. Feel free to let us know what you think.

Disclaimer: All photos were taken with mobile device cameras, because we believe the best moments are captured while on the go.


Fish Pot

ImageAddress: 39 1/2 Half Way Tree Road (Kingston)

This restaurant is fairly new to Kingston and serves mainly fish dishes; there are other seafood items on the menu (like popcorn shrimp) and one chicken dish (for that one person who may want chicken).Although the parking area could be a bit bigger and better organized by the security guard who is charged with that responsibility, the restaurant’s interior was nice. However it seems to be more of a take-out lunch spot, since there are about 15 stools (3 of which are used by the area which is reserved for persons who want to purchase fresh [uncooked] seafood).


Join the line here to place your order




We decided to have the grilled fish sandwich combo which cost $495 . The combo is served with fries and a soda.









As you can see, the sandwich was attractively packaged but the sandwich itself was not very good. The coco bread within which the grilled fish fillet, tartar sauce (although we asked for it to be removed), lettuce and tomatoes was wrapped, was very dry. We appreciated the freshness of the fish but it was not seasoned; we turned to the fries to save the day from the bland meal; however, the fries weren’t fried all the way through and proved to be far from delicious.

Overall, this was not a good lunch to have on one of the most depressing days for the work week. However, we have heard rave reviews about other items on the menu. The attendants (cashier and the persons handing out orders) were not very “customer-friendly”, and that only seemed to make the experience worse. Perhaps we went on an “off day” but the meal was a MISS  for us. However, please visit the restaurant and share your experience with us.


Pushpa Indian Restaurant


Address: 26 Northside Drive, Kingston 6 (Northside Plaza; Kingston)

This establishment has a fine dining restaurant and a take-out section. Since we were on the go we visited the take-out area. It was amazing how we were transported to India as we entered (or whatever idea of India we identify with). They sell everything Indian you can think of in their dry food section, the television set was tuned to an Indian soap opera and of course the workers were Indian. We ordered the Chicken Masala, which is a less spicy version of the Chicken Tikka Masala. We were surprised to know that for just $650 we got rice, roti and dal with our meal.


Basmati Rice, Dal (top right corner) and Chicken Masala


Roti was packaged separately

The meal was sooooo delicious and not to mention great value for money for an authentic Indian meal (right here in Jamaica). You can actually eat more than once from the container. If you are a fan of Indian food or if you’d like to try something new then you need to try Pushpa. The attendant was so polite and managed to enagage in conversation with us, while taking orders over the phone, handing us our food and making change. Pushpa is a delicious little spot nestled at the back of Northside Plaza. This meal was a HIT.


We ordered Grace Aloe Vera Juice with the meal and if you haven’t tried it then you need to try some soon … it tastes better than you give it credit for, we assure you.


Eating Regional

After a long drive to the parish of Trelawny from Kingston…


.. we didn’t feel like a big lunch so we stopped at a Supermarket and purchased Sunshine Snacks Raisin Oat Bran Flakes (made in Trinidad and Tobago) and locally produced Foska Oats and had a bit of cereal for lunch instead.


Just switching up the lunch flow a bit… Perhaps we shocked our bodies with this midday cereal meal, but it was absolutely delicious with locally produced Serge Island 1% milk. We dare you to try something new for lunch this week.


Burger King

We went to Montego Bay, St. James and stopped by the Aquasol Beach Park on the Hip Strip. (we’ll tell you all about our rural adventure soon).


We worked up quite an appetite frolicking on the beautiful beach, and stopped by the Burger King restaurant on the MoBay Hip Strip.


Address: Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay (St. James)


We settled for a number one: medium-sized whopper with fries and drink (medium is the standard size for Burger King). We have a soft spot for junk food, so of course we enjoyed the meal, and the staff was very pleasant, which improved the overall experience. For those who may be wondering what’s “Jamaican” about Burger King (a multi-national corporation)… they use 100% local beef… This meal was a HIT


Homemade chicken soup

Instead of hitting up the streets for our Friday eats, we decided to have a bit of chicken soup. Apart from the fact that we were perhaps too lazy to hit the streets of Trelawny or surrounding parishes for lunch, we were getting a bit of a cold due to the change in climate and decided a little chicken soup would be perfect. Next time you’re whipping up some chicken soup, make sure to use Grace or Maggi cock soup or chicken noodle soup mix as the base.


Orchid Garden Restaurant

This is a little Chinese restaurant in Clock Tower Plaza in Half Way Tree (Kingston), which serves the best Asian lunch you can get for under $400. We bought a large sweet and sour chicken meal with fried rice for $370. You can have more than one meal from the large container; however, they also have small, less than a quarter of the large container, which goes for $270. The restaurant’s interior and even its exterior is not very appealing, but the meal serves as a decent lunch, especially after a day of travelling.


We decided to wash it all down with a glass of wine from Mary Brown’s Wholesale Liquor Store, located at 120a Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8. They sell all kinds of alcohol (and dry food items) at very reasonable prices.


….. What are you biting this week?


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