Nyammin’ and Jammin’


“On judgement day I’ll be playing music for the rebels yeah, roots rock reggae music playing sweet in heaven”… That’s a line from Judgement Day by Raging Fyah – a lovely song, if you haven’t heard it, well get to YouTube and check it out. Fortunately you don’t have to wait until judgement day to hear some good music and enjoy good food in Jamaica.

Our first stop was Port Royal.

Gloria’s Seafood Restaurant


Against the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean Sea and far off Lime and Maiden Cays, Gloria’s Seafood Restaurant, is a gem. Fish, shrimp, lobster, done to perfection in any way you desire it with your choice of delectable sides and  refreshing juices. For those who may opt out of having a seafood meal, they also sell chicken. Fish and bammy is a favourite of their regular customers, however Honey Jerk Shrimp with festival is our personal favourite. Gloria’s provides a relaxing environment  every day of the week, but a special place of comfort on Sundays. We stopped by one Sunday and decided to have steamed fish with steamed bammy…It was simply delicious!


Doesn’t it just look wonderful? You can ask for whatever fixings you want. We prefer ours with no salt. Take a trip to the historical city and enjoy Gloria’s Seafood and then take a stroll to the beach, which is literally a few steps away.

After our delicious trip to Port Royal we went to the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus for some business and came across Mae’s Cafeteria nestled behind Mary Seacole Hall.

Mae’s Cafeteria


A small lunch combo (yes it includes a drink) is $350, however you are able to build your own meals. So you can get meat only, or meat and vegetable only, etc… whatever you want to your own liking, at varying costs of course. We decided to venture into a new realm and have the Sweet and Sour Chicken with fried rice and steamed vegetables. Can you believe the small comes in a double compartment box?

CaptureNux 2013-02-07 13.44.05

Of course it didn’t taste like the Chinese version of the meal, but it was a delicious Jamaican fusion. If you’re ever on the UWI Mona Campus, check out Mae’s Cafeteria. They also have “Happy Hour” from 6-7 pm –  where they sell large lunches at greatly reduced prices.

Later in the week we met up with some friends in New Kingston at Jimmy’s Grill House, a fairly new treasure which is located where Ashli’s Bistro was on Trinidad Terrace (in front of Quad Night Club).

Jimmy’s Grill House


Friendly staff, great service and the cleanest port-o-potty (portable bathroom) that we’ve ever seen, makes Jimmy’s a real gem in the middle of the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the nation’s business district. They offer small, medium and large lunches, all served with vegetables and a long coooool glass of water (works out well on those extra hot days common to the nation’s capital).


Comfortable seating allows for a relaxing atmosphere although surrounded by the busy streets of New Kingston. We decided on a small (we’re a part of the #fit2013 crew lol) and enjoyed every bit of our meal.


Jimmy’s has flask specials and karaoke on Fridays and if you follow us closely on Twitter (@WhereInJa) you’d know that we’ve been there and had a blast; with flasks for $700 and $800 (yes even Appleton V/X) and off-key singing at its best, who wouldn’t have a great time?

We then took a trip to Lady Musgrave Road to the fairly new Courtyard 71,


which houses our newest addiction :

Now although they’re a little pricey their selection of toppings is phenomenal and your meat is cooked right before your eyes. The restaurant has inside and outside seating, and the friendly staff ensures a wonderful experience. On our very first trip we were unsure of what to get “So many things on the menu, we have no idea where to begin. what do you recommend?”  we asked the two friendly faces behind the counter. After a few minutes of “meat consultation” we decided to have their signature wrap, the Y.not (which has both beef and chicken); and when we say you can have all the toppings you desire we really do mean all the toppings: from mozzarella cheese to mint, from onions to thousand island dressing…anything and everything!


The wrap is securely placed in two wrappers which ensures that there is no mess when digging into the delicious pita wrap.


It was simply delicious. They cater to vegetarians also and they serve soup daily. Try it ! You won’t be disappointed.


 I wanna jam it with you, we jammin…jammin and I hope you like jammin too”  – a line from one of Bob Marley’s songs of course entitled Jammin’. Where is a great place to get undiluted reggae music? Jamnesia of course !


The event takes place in 8 Miles, Bull Bay, St. Thomas every month (the third Saturday in each month). It showcases upcoming reggae artistes as well as those acts who have already made a name for themselves. It’s a kind of backyard vibe and is an overall great experience. No meat is sold on the compound and we’ve heard rave reviews of their meatless options. Jam with us at the next Jamnesia!


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