Frenchman’s Cove Beach – Portland

Photo taken by Pietra Brown

This wonderful treasure tucked away in Port Antonio, Portland is the ideal ‘getaway’. Nature and man made attractions combine for the perfect product of relaxation, and peaceful meditation.


The beach, which is open to the public for a cost of JMD$600 is breath-taking. However, for those who can’t get enough of the property there is an accompanying resort which is of Hollywood fame, The resort is a favourite hang-out spot for A-list celebrities and even royalty; and Ian Fleming is said to have written the first  James Bond book while vacationing there.

The fee of JMD $600  includes chairs and occasionally a table, which you may not need, since the mesmerizing waves and the beautiful blue water will hypnotize you, so you’ll have to take a swim, or just sit near the water (depending on your preference).

Photo taken by Pietra Brown

We visited recently, carried a bottle of wine and the soothing breeze intoxicated us into a deep sleep on the perfect shores.

Photo taken by Pietra Brown

You just have to visit Frenchman’s Cove Beach !

For more information on the beach or resort, click here


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ren_egade says:

    Frenchman’s Cove is really nice. I definitely recommend it!

    1. whereinja says:

      Thanks for your endorsement 🙂

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