Woody’s Low Bridge Place

N.B. Majority of the pictures used in this post are from the TripAdvisor website . Check out their website and download the app. It’s pretty cool.

Photo taken from the TripAdvisor website

Woody’s Low Bridge Place is located in Port Antonio, Portland more specifically in the Draper’s district. We were planning to go to Frenchman’s Cove and wanted to know where we could stop to get some really good food on our way.

We spoke to some friends and searched around and came up with this seemingly little-known burger joint. However, upon further investigation it seems we were the only ones who didn’t know about it. The home-style restaurant has a 4.5 / 5 rating from TripAdvisor and has a recommendation rate of 95 %.

Ranked #2 of 21 restaurants in Port Antonio
 Certificate of Excellence 2013
Everything is done to order, so it’s always fresh. Even the juices are always homemade (except yhe alcohol and sodas of course).
Photo taken from the TripAdvisor website
Photo taken from the TripAdvisor website
If you don’t eat beef then there are vegetarian options, however there are no chicken alternatives for the burgers. They however, have a dinner menu which includes a variety of Jamaican dishes.
We ordered the FullHouse plantain burger and the good thing about Woody’s is that if you don’t order fries they won’t serve the burger with fries, which is a plus for those #fit2013 resolution holders. The burger was delicious. Simply delicious. Everything was freshly done and the warmth of the fried plantain slowly melted the cheese without disturbing the temperature of the freshly washed tomato slices and lettuce leaves.
We also really appreciated the fact that they cut the burger in two so it’s a lot easier to devour (lol) !
2013-09-04 11-28-32-png
Photo taken by Brent Richardson
All in all it was a great experience and we’ll be back there soon, you should go !
woody 5-bmp
Photo taken from the TripAdvisor website – [the order counter/bar]
woody 2-bmp
Photo taken from the TripAdvisor website – [all sorts of inspirational messages and memorabilia are painted/pasted on to the walls at Woody’s]
Happy eating !
4.5 of 5 stars

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