Weekend deals for September 20-22 2013

After all the expenses for back to school, and with increasing taxes and cost of living, everyone is a little apprehensive about spending their money.

Do I really need that article of clothing? Can I go without those shoes? Perhaps, I can keep this for a few more months before I replace it?

We understand the mental battle that goes on inside your head, after all we are experiencing the very same reality. However, we found a few deals that we just had to share with you this weekend!

  • Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out

This three day event (September 19 – September 21, 2013) showcases a number of stores (including even supermarkets) reducing prices to give consumers some of the best deals around town. Click here for more information on participating stores, closing hours, etc…

  • Hot dog deals at Michi Supercenter SEPTEMBER 21, 2013

The hot dog stand at the Michi Supercenter  (2 Savannah Road, Kingston; off Washington Boulevard) has a 2-4-1 special on Saturday. Buy one jumbo hot dog get a free jumbo jerk hot dog for free !

  • Fabulous Findz providing great deals online!

Get 30 % off everything in stock in their Facebook store. There’s something for everyone at Fabulous Findz, so make sure you take advantage of this sale which ends on  SEPTEMBER 22, 2013


  • Big savings on membership at Gymkhana SEPTEMBER 19 – 21, 2013

Other savings that may last a while:

  • Farmer’s market !

Michi Supercenter also has Farmer’s market on every 4th Friday of the month. Get great deals on all local produce ! Please note that they also have Jus a Bills deals throughout the supermarket which allows you to get certain items for only JMD$100.


  • FInally Fridayz at Ribbiz Ultra Lounge [Barbican Centre – 29 East Kings House Road, Kingston]


  • Taco Tuesday at Chilito’s JaMexican Restaurant [Hope Road, Kingston]

Get tacos for as low as JMD$150, there’s also  Margarita Mondays  for tasty margaritas for the same JMD $150. An all time great deal on their menu is the quesadillas which range from JMD$150 – $450. Delicious at any cost!


We’re always on the look out for great deals! Check our twitter: @whereinja and our Facebook page.

If you know of any great deals that you’d like to share drop us a line at whereinja@gmail.com .



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