October to remember !

Despite the bi-polar weather we’ve been having (hurricane rain and then blistering sunshine), October has been a pretty good month so far, hasn’t it? And we’re about to make it even better !

We love a great deal and we’re sure you love one too, so we’re going to share with you some great deals for October that we know you can’t refuse.



Cafe What’s On

133 Barbican Road,



Facebook: Cafe What’s On

Twitter: Cafe What’s On


Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 10 am – 3 pm

Sat  10 am – 5 pm

Do you remember this place? Or are we the only ones who used to hear about it all the time and were seriously bummed that we didn’t get a chance to visit it, We even thought they had closed their doors forever and we’d never get a chance to experience what everyone was talking about…. But, as fate would have it, they started following our Twitter account recently and needless to say we were ecstatic.

The Cafe`, located on Barbican Road, is accessible to all customers, whether you’re a motorist or a pedestrian – no discrimination! They have delicious deals all week long !


Fully Loaded Deal  $800 plus tax
3 pancakes
2 eggs 
3 sausage links or strips of bacon
1 slice of buttered toast with jam
Philly Cheese Steak Footlong $950 plus tax
consists of: tenderloin beef, onions, sweet peppers, topped with nacho cheese and served on a 12″ baguette.
Drink Special
Creamcicle $430 plus tax
consists of: freshly squeezed pineapple, carrot and apple juice blended together to create a refreshing, creamy drink
Check out Cafe What’s On today, where delicious is what’s On the menu!

Beautiful Earth Ja

Shop #3 Oaklands Commercial Centre
114-116 Constant Spring Road,
631-9165 / 476-1763
Shop #1 Bank House Mall
37 Manchester Road,
962-7575 / 476-1763
Looking for good hair products, protective styles and efficient service? Look no further! With two convenient locations across the island, looking good isn’t difficult at Beautiful Earth Ja. Customers are seen on an  appointment only basis and as such there is no long line, no hours of waiting and no fuss. Get exquisite service at Beautiful Earth Ja for discounted prices throughout October!
Pamper yourself, or a loved one
Trade in the relaxer for some braids!
Go to Beautiful Earth Ja today!

Fresh Monger

Twitter:  Fresh Monger JA
Don’t be concerned about the freshness of your seafood, let Fresh Monger JA  do the work for you. Check out the latest catch of the season:

First Fresh Wahoo of the Season

Wahoo Season is fast approaching and we have the first fresh ones to start it off right.

Wahoo (Boneless butterfly steaks)….$1100/lb
Limited availability….First of the season!
Frozen FRESH

Yellowfin Tuna ……$1200/lb

Cubera Ribs + Collars…………..$500/lbMahi Ribs + Collars……………..$500/lbSliders (Chipotle Snook + Seasoned Mahi) $400/2-PK $800/4-PK

Sliders (Sriracha Tuna) $600/2-PK $1200/4-PK

For more information visit the Fresh Monger JA  tumblr page.
Happy October !

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