Major Lazer concert – December 20, 2013


The event rated as the second best party in Jamaica this year (second only to the EDX concert which was held the day after) deserves a blog post of its own. Still not sure why we took so long to share these highlights with you, but perhaps now is the perfect time since after revelling in the concert’s aftermath and after the excitement has died down a bit we are able to help you reflect on some of the high points of the evening.

To our recollection this is Major Lazer’s first “solo” concert in Jamaica [they hosted an event at the University of the West Indies earlier this year, however nothing comparable to this] and it was well attended. If you missed it, you missed something! It didn’t seem that full when you were actually standing inside but looking at aerial videos after… di place did ram. We’re not doing a review, this is really just a recap. We took a few photos and wanted to share with those who were unable to attend and allow those who attended to reflect on a good time.

So, here goes:

Early crowd
Chromatic warming up the crowd
Skrillex time
Skrillex had the crowd moving
Confetti just because…
Everybody ready for Major Lazer
They came to “mash up di place” … and they did indeed.
More Major Lazer
Major Lazer’s Diplo, crowd surfing in a bubble
Another shot of the bubble
Still raving…
Winding down…
A good end to a good night


For video coverage of the night you have to check out this cool video of the event:  from one of our very first followers, Dale Hines (@Dalus87) :




For more information on Major Lazer concerts and other pertinent data check their Facebook page


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