Carnival Tabanca: Reliving the moment [2014]



The soca season has officially ended (save for a few parties for those die hard soca fans later this year) and it went out with a bang with Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival on April 27, 2014 . Last year they were Fogging up the place, thanks to Machel Montano now everyone is feeling Carnival Tabanca (the term literally means love sick over carnival – pretty much missing carnival a lot)  thanks to Bunji Garlin, check out the song here .

Every year it gets bigger and better, let’s relive with some #CarnivalMemories thanks to Adrian Creary  !!


[Note: All photographs in this post were provided by Adrian Creary  –  visit his website: and like his Facebook page: ]

Soca season is serious business in Jamaica. Two months of non-stop partying. No weekend was without at least 3 soca parties. Gyms were packed, everyone was getting in shape for the Bacchanal Road March, and everyone looked amazing this year!

Going to the gym, or the daily socacise sessions would’ve been useful since the road march is not necessarily a walk in the park.:

Now, after 2 months of build-up you know Baccahanal Jamaica Carnival (Road March) would have to be something special.


When the music hits you, you feel no pain !


Jamaica nice !!


Twice as Nice


There’s no FUN without some RUM !!


Lost in the music…


You’re never too old for carnival…check the six pack !


Some eye candy for the ladies, also some “real” six packs


Fun cya done !!


Remember all photographs were provided by the noted photographer, Adrian Creary. Like his Facebook page – Adrian Creary Photography: and visit his website:


To see more of his Carnival photos, click here.

Follow @BacchanalJA on Twitter and like their Facebook page: for more information on Jamaica Carnival and everything Soca !


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