#WorldCupLIVE: Where to watch [2014]

For complete schedule of matches, click here

It’s World Cup  time !! Anyone with eyes and ears will pretty much be able to notice that the workplace is a little more deserted and that every sports bar, appliance stores and any other place with a television set a little bit more crowded than usual. Now, Jamaicans love football, our national team’s successes on the pitch are  not directly (therefore, it is inversely) proportional to our love for the game. We apologize for the math reference, but there was no other way we could put that.

So of course we all want to see The Greatest Game on Earth being played on a TV much bigger than out own, in a setting more match-friendly than our home and with friends (and people who may become friends) that we wouldn’t necessarily want in our homes. We want nice, communal spaces where we can watch the games, wid plenty beer (and other alcoholic beverages of choice).

Below you will find a list of places where you can watch the game and feel like you’re in Brazil, while being a few minutes from home.


The SportsMAX Zone

The SportsMAX Zone is back ! The location that became a popular watching spot during the 2010 World Cup has returned- at a different venue:  Chinese Benevolent Association (C.B.A.) – 176 Old Hope Road, Kingston      ADMISSION IS FREE


Although it’s a movie theatre, The Palace Amusement Company has caught the World Cup Fever and will be showing a few matches in larger than life definition (we coined that term, hilarious isn’t it?) at the Carib 5 cinema – Cross Roads, Kingston        ADMISSION: [regular seats] $800; [box seats] $1,000        Take note of the matches they will be showing and stay tuned to their Facebook page, to see updates.

Cuddy’z Sportsbar

Every game can be watched here on their TVs and the projected screen (so you have a few choices). Have some grub, while you cheer on your team, and take part in their Yellow Card deals all day. 20 Dominica Drive, Kingston    (inside New Kingston Business Centre)          ADMISSION; FREE

Ribbiz Ultra Lounge

Don’t miss a match! Go to Ribbiz.   29 East King’s House Road, Kingston 9 inside Loshusan Shopping Centre). The flyer below is outdated, but just know you can go there to watch the matches.           ADMISSION: FREE

Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records

For the ultimate World Cup experience, go to Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records. They pretty much have TV sets at all angles, so you don’t miss a beat.  67 Constant Spring Road, Kingston  (inside Marketplace) Take advantage of their Game Day deals       ADMISSION: FREE

Medusa Bar and Grill

Have some food, have some drinks and have a good time at Medusa Bar and Grill. The have drink all you can for $1000 on Wednesdays (as well as pasta specials on some Wednesdays); Thursdays are pork night ; and Fridays are steak night, so either way you’re in for a treat. 96 Hope Road, Kingston             ADMISSION: FREE (except on Wednesdays where it’s $1000 at 6 PM to enter the ‘drink all you can for $1000’ event)

Jojo’s Jerk Pit

Food. Specials. Drink. Specials. World Cup.- what more could anyone ask for? Take advantage of their World cup specials and their usual Beer and Seafood Wednesdays!    12 Waterloo Road, Kingston             ADMISSION: FREE

Barbican Beach Bar

Enjoy good food, good matches, some good beer, at a good location! Barbican Beach Bar is a perfect viewing spot. Plus, they will have deals all day !!  13 East Kings House Road, Kingston

Triple Century Sports Bar

TVs at all angles plus food to kill ! Let’s watch a few matches at Triple Century      69 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston        ADMISSION: FREE

Regency Bar at Terra Nova

Food specials and good company, oh and some beer is all you need to enjoy the matches really, so why not view them at Regency Bar !     17 Waterloo Road, Kingston         ADMISSION: FREE

Blend Bar at The Pegasus Hotel

View the World Cup matches in comfort, surrounded by good food, good beer and good people.    81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston      ADMISSION: FREE

Happy Viewing !

If we missed any, just shoot us a line on Twitter and let us know where you’ll be watching the matches, so we can add it !


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