The BEST Pork In Town: Lunch edition


Guys, you know we love food, and within that love for food is an unnatural love for pork.

Pork is delicious. Now, we had the opportunity of meeting Sales Manager at Copperwood Pork, Craig Plunkett and he told us  a little bit about their farming practices and noted that there will always be a noticeable difference with Copperwood Pork. So what better way to test this theory than to have lunch at not one, not two but THREE different locations for their Best Pork in T0wn lunch series (#BPIT2014) ?!


FIRST STOP: Alexander’s Restaurant at The Courtleigh Hotel




Jerk pork tenderloin with callaloo, corn fritters and plantain

It looks like a simple enough dish right, something you can probably try at home? But it was SO DELICIOUS ! The spicy jerk pork (and the spicy sauce) was perfect with the creamy/cheesy callaloo, deliciously sweet plantain and slightly sweet and crunchy corn fritters. We can’t begin to explain to you how TENDER, DELICIOUS, MOIST and EASY TO CUT the pork was (had to add that last one, because us pork lovers know sometimes you end up wrestling the meat).


Shout out to  Mark DeKrines, the chef at Alexander’s Restaurant (at The Courtleigh Hotel) for a great meal. He had promised us we could get free pork if U.S.A. won the World Cup, so much for that !

NOTE: We were not able to go to the other restaurants to dine (so we had take-out), therefore we were unable to get photos of their chefs. So, please note there is no favouritism going on here, we were just unable to dine at the other restaurants.

SECOND STOP: Ribbiz Ultra Lounge


20140625_151820_1 20140625_151829 20140625_151835_1

So we weren’t given the actual name for all this, so we’re calling it as we see it: Pineapple=topped pork with curried potato balls and side salad

We love pineapple and as we said we love pork, so this seemed like the perfect dish. But, it was a little disappointing. We weren’t fans of the curried potato balls but everything else was okay. The pork was as tender as ever. Usually this cut can be a bit chewy (proper wrestling material), but it was easy to cut and bite into.

THIRD STOP: Chilitos Mexican Restaurant


Roasted pork with chipotle cream

We were a bit surprised at this lunch item from Chilitos, thought they would’ve had pork tacos or something like that BUT alas we got a full meal. While, there was something that seemed to be missing from this dish the rice and salad were pretty amazing. Still can’t put a finger on what was missing from the taste of the pork but it was still as moist as ever !!

Verdict: So we have to admit, no matter where you choose to have lunch, no matter which meal you choose, the Copperwood Pork is consistent – always moist, always tender.

This is the final week for you to take advantage of the best pork in town! Don’t miss out !





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