We ❤ Fromage Gourmet Market

8 Hillcrest Avenue,


Telephone: 622-9856

Now, we have been meaning to do this review for a few months now so we apologize for the delay. This is one of our favourite places. If you haven’t been to Fromage Gourmet Market (& Bistro), you simply need to go. It’s good food, great customer service and awesome prices all in one! When was the last time you had all those qualities in ONE RESTAURANT?

When we finally went there a few months ago, we were so in love we had to go back…and go back… and go back, surely by now you get the idea that we are pretty regular.

The ambiance is lovely, it offers both indoor and outdoor seating. We prefer outdoor because inside is a little small and may be a little less intimate if you actually want to have conversation.


How perfect is the outdoor seating? Of course this photo may not do it enough justice, but it is a cozy eating space. Occasionally there are table cloths on the wrought-iron tables, just in case you want to be more fancy!


You may be wondering why we would have hot chocolate at night, it’s simply because it’s so delicious. It may very literally be heaven in a cup. You can tell it was very good, since this photo was taken after a few hundred sips.


Now we are big pasta lovers so we always end up getting the Fettucine Alfredo Pasta with Chicken. So delicious ! Our favourite part is that the waiter always asks if we’d like more cheese and the answer is always yes. Any place that keeps the cheese flowing is a good place. [We love cheese entirely too much. Guys remember cheese month in SEPTEMBER!!]

Since we’ve been here a few times we should also let you know that our favourite appetizers are Calamari Fritti and Bacon Wrapped Prawns, and no matter if it’s night or day always have the soup (in bread boule preferably). One of our favourite drinks is the freshly squeezed lemonade (and we wouldn’t be patriotic Jamaicans if we didn’t ask for some of that good old Wray and Nephew white rum to be mixed in).

So now that we’ve told you how great the service is (BIG UPs to our favourite waiter, Devrol), and how delicious the food is, and how affordable the meals are (if you don’t believe us, check out the menus for yourself: lunch and dinner) you should be heading there right now!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ (5 hearts: Absolutely love this place)

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