Wickie Wackie Live – RECAP (December 6, 2014)

After not staging an event for a few months, the Wickie Wackie family decided to host what we would call a mega concert (not at their usual, intimate Jamnesia venue, but at the actual entrance to Wickie Wackie Beach) headlined by Jesse Royal, Mystikal Revolution and Raging Fyah.

We were unable to stay until the end of the event, because we had a friend visiting from Canada who had an early morning flight the next day, so we left around 1 AM, and at that time Jesse Royal had not yet completed his set (and we missed hearing one of our faves from his album), Raging Fyah was to perform after and I am guessing we also missed Jah Bouks as well. Bummer !

However, it was a great event. We enjoyed it immensely, all the acts leading up to Jesse Royal were pretty phenomenal (and they had GREAT lyrics… Jamaicans are so talented!). Another great addition was the DJ mixing in between sets. Can you believe every performer had their own band? So we had great mixes from the turntables while the band changes occurred. Great idea !

There was natural (ital) food on sale, which we didn’t sample this time around and there was actually alcohol this time around. What was amazing too, were the vendors selling stalks of marijuana openly in the crowd.  A bit surprising for us and our guest but it only made the event even more interesting.

We love events like this because it does not only showcase “big name” acts but also gives talented, younger/ more inexperienced musicians a chance to perform in front of a sizeable crowd. The all-female group that opened the show were offered scholarships to Edna Manley College (or perhaps began talks to begin this process) just because of their performance. How awesome is that?

The event was also a part of Kingston Music Week.

You already know how much we like live music, so surely we weren’t disappointed. Be sure to check out our #whereinjaweekend guide or tweet us @whereinja to find out what’s happening.

Here are a few photos from #WickieWackieLive :


Iba Mahr graced us with his presence in a STELLAR surprise performance.


Jesse Royal, the act we were all waiting for, took to the stage and suddenly a swarm of people appeared in the empty space between the stage and where we were standing.


Usually reggae acts have a “flag man”, but Jesse Royal had a “sceptre man” who was inhaling marijuana incense on stage while Jesse performed. He stole the show for a few minutes as he seemed to ‘dabble’ (for want of a better word) in and out of consciousness periodically.


Feeling the performance !


OK, last one !

We stumbled across a Jamaica Observer article about the event and apparently Chronixx and Dre Island also made cameo appearances, and WE MISSED ALL THAT ! Ugh. This goes to show that you should never leave a live usic event before the final act (lesson learnt, right #whereinja fam?). If you want to take a look at the article, click photo below:

                                    Photo courtesy of Jamaica Observer article

If that doesn’t work, click here


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