The Restaurant @ Spanish Court Hotel

So a friend of ours invited us out to dinner at The Spanish Court Hotel recently.

It seems it may not be a popular spot outside of Restaurant Week, because we were literally the only persons in the restaurant the entire time. Of course, it is a wonderfully decorated space (as is the hotel). Nice decor, nice lighting, of course we fell in love with their wine glasses.

Now, let’s get to the food. We are actually trying to stay on the eating healthy train (which has derailed a few times) so we ordered a salad… a chicken caesar salad. Yes, we actually went out, to Spanish Court Hotel of all places, and had a salad – in the name of being healthy and just so we could have a glass (or two) of wine without calorie-intake overload.

20140614_194430 (1)

The service wasn’t too bad, however we did detect some attitude. I don’t know, maybe the waitress thought we weren’t able to afford the bill (which is quoted in $US by the way, along with everything on the menu).


But anyway, we had salad. The table bread is garlic bread, to our delight ! It actually tasted like “authentic” garlic bread too and not just slices of bread lathered with garlic butter.


The salad was exceptionally delicious; it must have been the cheese, and of course the perfectly cooked chicken. We would never usually speak about a salad like this, but it was truly amazing. The wine, which we don’t remember the name of but which must have been some type of rose`, paired very well with the salad.


Overall it was a good meal and fair service, but the restaurant is slightly overpriced (like every other service which caters mostly to tourists). However, if you do feel the need to treat yourself occasionally then this is the place.

Remember to take note of their conversion rate !


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