We love burgers… we really do. This Burgerama post is really dedicated to us finding the most delicious burgers and sharing them with you :).

Now, we’ve had A LOT of burgers in our day but we won’t be sharing the names of any establishment unless we took a photo of the burger (which may be difficult or us, because we tend to make it half way through before we remember to take a photo… but we will make a special special effort just for you).

So, in no particular order here is BURGERAMA :


They have since moved from their location in the Sovereign Centre, to the Courtyard 71 and then to Phoenix Avenue.

Their current location on Phoenix Avenue is quite nice and airy (we will do an updated review soon). However, these photos were taken when the were still located inside the Sovereign Centre Food Court. Their quality hasn’t changed at all (it’s still amazing) and the fries are still  THEBOMB.COM. Our only complaint is that the Barbecue Burger could have a  bit more barbecue sauce. [P.S.: You should also try their bacon wrapped shrimp !!]

Take a look at their Facebook Page


Located in the quite community of Draper’s District in Portland, the “low key” Woody’s easily provides the most relaxing eating space. Their “always made to order” policy is also a great addition. Your meal is prepared fresh all the time. Even the beef patty is made fresh from ground beef !!

We tried the Full House Plantain Burger and it was absolutely delicious. We washed it down with some homemade ginger beer (which was a little too harsh for our liking).


Take a look at our previous review on Woody’s Low Bridge Place


Although we love a good gourmet burger, we can also appreciate the deliciousness that is the Burger from Burger King. Several years ago the local franchise committed to using only 100% Jamaican beef in their products and that’s when our true addiction started. If you taste Jamaican Burger King and then have Burger King anywhere else you will be able to really TASTE the difference (or we may just be biased… ANYWAY Burger King here is delicious).  Whenever we have fast food cravings it is usually for the Whopper from Burger King… with cheese… fries… grape soda (we love the fact that they still serve Fanta Grape soda, which is perhaps the best grade soda on the planet)… and a packet of barbecue sauce.

Look how “delicously” JUICY that is
20150617_123927 (1)
Our “go to” meal at Burger King

Visit your nearest BK today and Have It Your Way  !


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