Eat Around Jamaica by the Jamaica Gleaner

This very delicious HUGE Beergarita was had at Chilito’s JaMexican Restaurant – Hope Road, Kingston

You already know how much we love food, so anything that has to do with the consumption of food; the preparation of food; the viewing of food [etc… etc…]  we’re all for it.

So when our friend Tickoya Joseph*, who is a writer and videographer at the Jamaica Gleaner, told us about their Eat Around Jamaica video series we were more then happy to check it out. While we were a little sad we weren’t able to tour the island’s 14 parishes busting our guts with delicious finds with the Gleaner team, we can appreciate good, delicious work.

The team has released 6 videos so far [as of September 18, 2015] from their 14 parish journey and we really need to ask them how they found these places – one restaurant is literally IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIO GRANDE !! 

Check out this video and then click the link below for the playlist, or just search in YouTube: “Eat Around Jamaica Jamaica Gleaner”. We’re sure you’ll find it finger-lickin’ good.

Eat Around Jamaica Playlist

* she is also the 2014 recipient of the Press Association of Jamaica award for Excellence in Online Journalism
for her video titled:  ‘Jonathan Francis, Quite the Exception’


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