Wickie Wackie Music Festival 2015


The Wickie Wackie Music Festival was held on the first weekend in December 2015. You may all think this review is pretty late, but we would say it’s timely. The first ever Wickie Wackie Music Festival was in short amazing.  In 2014 , there was an event held in December, a dub event, which was well attended and had quite a few headliners. That event was pretty good, but it went waaaaaaaaay into the wee hours of the morning, perhaps that was what gave birth to the two day music festival.

This was the line-up

It was a star-studded, amazing line-up. Plus, because the festival began in the morning/ early afternoon (meaning, there was a really chill vibe,even from very early- food stations already set up and smooth, acoustic music playing while instruments were being tuned and artistes were preparing to take the stage).


The only issues we really had with the event was that there were quite a bit of band changes which took up quite a bit of time. But everything else about the event was excellent. we brought out beach chairs and cooler and went early to get a nice, cozy spot near the stage.  The event organisers also made provisions for persons to sleep over on the beach.

Sunset Music
Band set up is pretty much in the sea


For video snippets:

  1. Click HERE
  2. Click HERE


We loved the Wickie Wackie Music Festival, from the vendors, to the food, to the venue, to the fun, to the vibe… everything was amazing and we’ll always go back. Check out the Gallery below

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