It’s #EarthDay 2016 !



Let’s make the world a better place … one small act at a time


We only have one place that we can comfortably inhabit. We must play our part to ensure that we take care of it.

Let’s look at a few steps that can make Earth cleaner for us all.

A photo snapped while Rafting on the Rio Grande, with our Raft Captain – Trevor

1. Conserve Water – take shorter showers; turn off water in between lathering up and washing off; use less water to wash dishes, cars etc… [in this case less is more]

2. Use fewer chemicals – reduce the chemicals you use in your home, car, and even on your body. For example: opting to use a vinegar and water mixture, rather than bleach or a harsher chemical.

3. Dispose of garbage correctly: DON’T LITTER – littering is probably one of our biggest issues globally as it relates to the Earth’s preservation. You may not see anything wrong with throwing that bottle on the side walk but that bottle may eventually end up in the sea/ocean; where a whale or fish swallows it or perhaps it becomes a barrier to sea turtles trying to get from their eggs (hatched in the sand) to the sea.

4. Use less electricity !

5. Buy and eat LOCAL produce and meats – buying fruits from local farmers and meats from local butchers reduces the chance that they have been genetically modified or altered in some way. It’s also healthier for you !

Do your part to keep our planet functioning as it should.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

This post wouldn’t be complete without some scenery shots now would it? Check out the beautiful Jamaica below !




St. Mary


St. Andrew




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