Western Escape

We have all heard the term “staycation” by now, we assume. But for those who haven’t, it’s essentially promoting local tourism by locals! Thus, really owning the very popular phrase we live where you vacation. Which, really is the truth. Jamaica is such a treasure.

We live in Kingston, the capital city; and like any other capital city it is a real hub of activity, including buzzing nightlife. Sometimes for us Kingstonians, it gives us so much joy to escape to a more rural part of the island just to relax. A few years ago many Jamaicans believed they had to go to the U.S. to have a “real vacation”. However, as the years passed I think the realisation set in that we didn’t know much about our island home Jamaica.

So we (the WhereInJa team) personally decided to start exploring a little more. At least once a month [or perhaps once a quarter if work is really hectic] we just getaway. Be it a few nights at a hotel; rafting; eating at a new restaurant outside of Kingson; beach hopping; bar hopping… we just look for some kind of activity out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Recently we decided to head to Montego Bay (St. James) for the weekend, quite an impromptu trip. This wasn’t much of a rural getaway since Montego Bay is really the heart of St. James and the tourist hub of the parish (hence a lot of activity…at all times). But it’s still an escape from Kingston (since it’s still about a 3 hour drive).


We were booked to stay at Donway, A Jamaican Style Village, but changed our mind when a friend informed us that they could get us better rates at El Greco ResortWe would also receive free entry to Doctor’s Cave Beach (our favourite) while staying at this resort, so needless to say it was an easy switch. Donway is further from the beach and El Greco is much closer – it is several steps (about 7 flights of stairs) or one elevator ride away from the beach and the party hub of the hip strip.


Please note that we did not receive any special treatment. When you stay at El Greco you recieve complimentary passes to the beach and also breakfast (your choice of Jamaican or “continental”). *Policies may have been amended, but we last stayed here in early 2016

It was a pretty good an awesome weekend. Every night we planned to head out.. do something interesting – go to one of the clubs or something, but we eventually just went to bed. Our main mission was the beach and we lathered up with sunscreen and hit the beach everyday.

Here are a few images of our main mission:

The view of the beach from the hotel


How beautiful is this ?


Doctor’s Cave Beach is by far our favourite, because it’s never dirty and the sand does not stick to your skin. You may encounter a few (or a little more than a few) fishes outside of summer months. 


Had to take another pic, on the way back to our room 

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