#FoodieLog: May 28, 2016

capture 3

While we at WhereInJa write about a range of experiences in Jamaica, we are really here for the food. I’m sure you can’t fault us for that, Jamaican food is really bewitching (no, we are not talking about obeah), the food jus’ nice man

Recently, two fast food chains released new items on their menu.

Mother’s, one of our local patty companies, released a new kind of patty. This restaurant chain has always been experimenting with different menu items. They were among the first dedicated patty companies to start selling cooked breakfast, burgers and a variety of patties (outside of beef and chicken). They have a fish patty, a pork patty, you can add bacon bits to any patty you choose and they also have a full house patty – to name a few of their experiments which have remained on the menu.

Now Mother’s has hit the jackpot again, with a new, unexpected type of patty.


Drum roll please !




Initially when we heard we were a little taken aback. Although after thinking about it for a while it did not seem to far-fetched, because the chicken in the chicken patty is curried … so why not mutton? We were still apprehensive to try it though because after the disaster of the bacon patty and the pork patty (so SALTY, we didn’t like them at all – other people have given them rave reviews), we were a little scarred.

But we decided to take the plunge. The patty was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. We couldn’t even complain about the meat content, the patty was full of succulent curried mutton. Our only regret is that we only bought one each. Sometimes curried goat can be really spicy, but this patty has the perfect blend of spices.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

(5 hearts: We love it, but you really can’t eat this everyday)

Island Grill is one of our favourite fast food stops, but we heard the unfortunate news just yesterday (May 27, 2016) that they have discontinued the rolla.

capture 4

That was our favourite thing to have these days. Please a moment of silence, for the rolla.




We do hope they reconsider this decision and bring back the rolla…


that’s not what we’re really here to talk about . We are here to talk about the brand spankin’ new addition to the Island Grill menu board. A craze that has everyone going wild… can you guess what it is?

Drum roll please !



capture 2

So a fast food chain, known for delicious chicken (and now pork) and recently pretty sugary drinks, is now selling green juice. Well, okay ! So this could either be pretty good or pretty bad, it could also be real blended juice and it could also be packed with sugar… but what the heck ! Let’s give it a try.  We were especially impressed that when we inquired on Twitter about the juice, Island Grill responded that is was “just juice, no ice. Just real juice”. So for $275 for the small and $450 for the large (we only bought small and large sizes, forgot to inquire about the price of the medium), you get a decent size cup of just juice. Just  DELICIOUS juice.

We really didn’t expect the juice to be that good, there is also no pulp or extra chunk of fruit or vegetable surprising you in the cup, it’s smoothly blended and really just very good. It had a noticeable presence of june plum and ginger.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

(5 hearts: We love it, and it’s also very reasonably priced)

P.S.: We did not include the price for the Curry Goat Patty because we absentmindedly discarded the bill. However, it was more than $200.


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