Night Life: for the not-so-party animal



If you’re not a party animal then what are you? A party pooper? Nah. You’re not that either… you just may prefer to be at home most nights and occasionally surface for a drink. You may even want to hear a few “current” hits blaring from a speaker (which is not located in your home), and you want to be home by 12 AM or 1 AM. So where do you go?

Our #whereinjaweekend guide (which has been a little irregular lately – we apologise – that’s the issue with blogs sometimes, instabilities in life bring inconsistencies) outlines a number of events for the weekend, however they are generally more for the “party people” among us. Although, we do feature other unconventional events, like most recently Bookophilia’s adult colouring session (how cool is this?).

We’re not big party people ourselves, we probably go to a party once a quarter. But, we’re always at some spot sipping on a little alcohol with friends – Chris Martin’s “Chill Spot” comes to mind. We’re going to give you a run down of a few of our favourite places just to hang.

And we don’t want this post to be everlastingly long so we will only note a few – like literally THREE.

The Pub @ Mayfair

Photo from  Mayfait Hotel‘s website

Mayfair Hotel has been known for many things – when we were younger it was the “pool spot”. We’d chill by the pool and eat fries all day. Now, it’s our favourite watering hole. The downside is they have a high staff turn over and another is that the food bill and the drink bill has to be separate. Although this probably has changed, they do give you the option to pay in one now… but if you’re going to move from the front of the establishment to the back – you have to clear your tab at the front first. Yep, that seemed ridiculous to us too. But, no matter how many times we say we’re not going back, we end up going back.

The primary reason we generally say we’re not going back is because of the attitude of some of the servers. But, it doesn’t even make a difference because they’ll probably be gone by next week – seriously they do have a high staff turn over. However, the more permanent staff are pretty amazing  – we went there for a meet up a few weeks ago and they were so helpful.


Mayfair Pub, it’s a great place to hang out. Being in the outside air, or inside, or under the gazebo, or on the terrace – a quaint space with mood lighting and soft enough background music so you can actually have a conversation. Their drink prices too are not bad and we believe they still have pretty affordable wine prices (if you’re not too picky about yout wine that is.

Mayfair Hotel

4 West Kings House Close,




Now, before you judge us, it is really a nice place to just hang out. Back in the day it was a spot for the young crowd but the clientele has matured and has really made for a better drinking (and socialising) atmosphere. However, we aren’t the only ones that have realised this – the place is  RAM: pack like a country bus a come town fi Saturday Market on Fridays mostly (and days before holidays). So you either have to get there early on Fridays, or just be content with standing and perhaps rubbing shoulders (and more) with people all night.


The drink prices are also pretty good, and most of the drinks are served in large glasses – more drunk for the buck lol. Also, if you’re concerned about getting drunk, it’s also a restaurant so water to sober up is FREE and if you need some food, that’s also there. Another plus is they have some of the BEST desserts – and if you’re low on cash you can always just tell them its your birthday :D.

T.G.I. Fridays

51 Hope Road,



we took this image, and used snapchat to add the text at the top, it’s hilarious isn’t it? Yeah, we thought so too

Now, we did not set out to do this list in rank order, but it somehow ended up that way. 100 is still a relatively new spot and offers quite a bit to do. You can take a shot at luck in the casino, you can dine in the outer restaurant and lounge area or you can have a more “up beat” vibe with a bit louder music and more TV screens in the inner bar area. We loved the layout and design. I mean compared to Mayfair and TGI, this place is the Ritz lol. But, the atmosphere for just socialising just isn’t as great in our opinion. The food is also just okay and so are the drinks – and for their prices, we think it could taste a bit better.

Can’t recall the fancy names of the menu items we ordered; but in essence the one on the left is a jerk chicken coco bread sandwich and the other is basically grilled cheese (perhaps, if we’re recalling correctly). There was nothing spectacular about the meal and the coco bread sandwich was so dry – the meat was SO DRY. We had to ask the waiter for a bottle of ketchup.

But, the ambience isn’t too bad if you’re not going to be staying too long, and maybe if you don’t want to talk too much that evening. 100 also gets cool points for the name and address correlation.


100 Hope Road,


Happy Night Living !


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