The #whereinja guide to Heroes’ Weekend



Who doesn’t love a long weekend?

There is always something to do in Jamaica on any regular day, so can you imagine how much there is to do on Heroes’ Weekend? We love holidays, and we try to pack so many things into a holiday that by the end of the holiday we need a holiday to recover and to get back into our regular schedule… sometimes the next day you just have to call in sick, literally too much party last night. However, there are lots more events happening than just parties on Heroes Weekend.

Live Music

Jamaica = Music, so there will always be some kind of concert or musical event happening around this time. These events will usually have Reggae music artistes. So if you’re  a fan of Reggae music and you would want to see a live music event during this time, you can check out the following Twitter accounts:

And then all the usual suspects:


Drive Out (or go to a different parish for a few days)

We think the term “drive out” is Jamaican, because we’ve never heard anyone from anywhere else (and even if it isn’t so… we’re claiming it). Take a drive out to a different parish for the day, or a few days. Why not spend a few nights in a new place, at a cozy villa or beachfront getaway? Take a look at our:

You won’t regret it ! We have a few reviews on places to stay in a few parishes but until we post those we would recommend the following:

  1. Portland – Frenchman’s Cove Resort
  2. St. Ann – Pineapple Court Hotel (small, and affordable)
  3. St. Ann – Kaz Kreol Beach Lodge
  4. St. Ann – Hibiscus Lodge/ Almond Tree
  5. Westmoreland – Negril Yoga Centre


It’s always a good time to catch up on some sleep, especially if you’ve already completed your drive and found a place to stay in another parish. Catching up on some rest is always good for the body and mind.


For those who would rather sleep another day, there are always LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of parties to attend for the weekend. We’ve heard that the nicest ones are usually day parties on the Saturday outside of Kingston (and then if you’re from Kingston you can return home for fete-ing on Sunday and Monday).

Surely, you know you can always check this blog for those happenings, but you can also check:


Race! (or just watch the races)

For the adrenaline junkies among us, or those who just like to be spectators the Heroes of Speed race meet is held annually at the Dover Raceway in St. Ann. The event is hosted by the Jamaica Race Drivers Club and sees some of the best race car drivers, and bikers vie for the top spots in a number of categories. It’s a whole day of fun and action. We’ve spent a day with the bikers just doing a warm-up session and it was pretty amazing. You should check it out.


Eat (try something new)

One of our personal favourite things to do is to drive around the island on weekends trying new food spots… with an extra day added to your weekend, you have way more time ! Just jump in the car (you may want to get some gas first) and drive until you arrive at the first restaurant that’s open and order something from the menu. Heroes weekend is as good a time as any to try something new.

Happy Long Weekend 😀

Share your experiences with us at:


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