#FoodieLog: May 28, 2016

While we at WhereInJa write about a range of experiences in Jamaica, we are really here for the food. I’m sure you can’t fault us for that, Jamaican food is really bewitching (no, we are not talking about obeah), the food jus’ nice man.  Recently, two fast food chains released new items on their menu.

It’s #EarthDay 2016 !

      We only have one place that we can comfortably inhabit. We must play our part to ensure that we take care of it.

Eat Around Jamaica by the Jamaica Gleaner

You already know how much we love food, so anything that has to do with the consumption of food; the preparation of food; the viewing of food [etc… etc…]  we’re all for it.


We love burgers… we really do. This Burgerama post is really dedicated to us finding the most delicious burgers and sharing them with you :).

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, surely you can appreciate the Christmas food ! Apart from seeing family members and reconnecting with friends, food is the most important part of the Christmas season.

We ❤ Fromage Gourmet Market

8 Hillcrest Avenue, Kingston Telephone: 622-9856 Now, we have been meaning to do this review for a few months now so we apologize for the delay. This is one of our favourite places. If you haven’t been to Fromage Gourmet Market (& Bistro), you simply need to go. It’s good food, great customer service and…

Woody’s Low Bridge Place

N.B. Majority of the pictures used in this post are from the TripAdvisor website . Check out their website and download the app. It’s pretty cool.

Lunchin’ it !

Sometimes it’s hard to get a good meal on the road, especially when you’re so hungry you can hardly think straight to make a decision about what exactly you want to eat for lunch. Well we have two lunch options that will put an end to all your lunch woes.