Event Guide: Boxing Day – New Year’s Eve 2016

…and all through the house were full bellies and content mouths ! 

Happy Holidays everyone. We wish you and your family all the very best for the rest of the season and countless blessings for the New Year.

We heard about this and thought it was a pretty interesting series of events. Check it out and let us know how it went !

(scroll down for more events for the season)

December 26 : Boxing Day

  • Disneyland –  Turtle River Park; Ocho Rios, St. Ann

  • Funfest: The Christmas Edition – Portmore Mall Park; Portmore, St. Catherine

  • LASCO Family Extravaganza – Hope Botanical Gardens; Old Hope Road, Kingston

  • Southern Style BackYaad Barbecue – Hope Botanical Gardens; Old Hope Road, Kingston

  • Marco Polo: Cooler Edition – Ocho Rios Bay Beach; Ocho Rios, St. Ann               ADMISSION: [pre-sold] $1,500; [at the gate] $2,000; [VIP] $2,500

  • Mixology Mondaze  – Ribbiz Ultra Lounge; Barbican Centre; 29 East Kings House Road, Kingston (located inside Acropolis Gaming)      

#GetGreatDeals : 2-4-1  and cue specials all night ! Plus, complimentary soup

  • Christmas Comedy Cook-Up  – Grand Ballroom; Jamaica Peagasus Hotel; Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston             ADMISSION:  [pre-sold] $3,000; [at the gate] $3,500               SHOWTIME: 7:30 PM

  • I Love Soca Coller Fete – Sabina Park; South Camp Road, Kingston              ADMISSION: $3,000 [at the gate]

P.S.: We heard that pre-sold tickets were sold out, so you might want to get to the gate early to avoid the rush!

  • Toxicity – Constant Spring Gold Club; Constant Spring Road, Kingston     ADMISSION:  $2,000 ; Ladies 2-4-1 before 7 PM

  • PRINGLES – Police Officer’s Club; 34 Hope Road, Kingston                     ADMISSION: $1,500 ; Ladies 2-4-1 before 7 PM; Students get 20% OFF with I.D.

  • Utopia ALUNA – Caymanas Estate; St. Catherine      ADMISSION: [Ladies] $14,000 or US $105; [Gentlemen] $17,000 or US $125

  • SOSA: How SOSA stole Christmas – HIVE (formerly Famous Nightclub); Portmore, St.Catherine                 ADMISSION: [pre-sold] $1,500 ; [at the gate] $2,000      ||  Gates open at 10 PM

December 27 : Boxing Day [part 2]

Because Christmas Day fell on a Sunday, (by law) we are celebrating the Monday as Christmas day – a national holiday – and the following day will be observed as Boxing Day. So, we just got a long weekend just because 😀

  • Battle in Jamaica (basketball tournament) – University of Technology; 237 Old Hope Road           ||      For more information, click here

  • Big Cups – 7th Harbour Beach Park; (near to the Airport), Kingston      2 PM – 9 PM           ADMISSION: $4,000 ; For more information, click here

Please note that this is a cooler fete, but the promoters did state that it is food-inclusive.

  • Sailz: Winter Splash – Yacht leaves Port Royal, Kingston at  3 PM             ADMISSION: $3000 [couples or 2 females]; $2000 [single]

  • RELAPS: Colour Addiction – D’Entrance; 76 Constant Spring Road, Kingston           4 PM – 2 AM 

  • Chill Jamaica  – Kingston Polo Club; Caymanas Estate, St. Catherine                4 PM – 12 AM          ||  For more information (and to buy tickets), click here

  • Tuesday Wine Affair  – CRU Bar & Kitchen ; 71 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston

  • Happy Hour  – Spades Lounge; 7-11 Phoenix Avenue, Kingston          5 – 8 PM

  • How to Write a Best-selling Book in Under Three Days  – Jamaica Pegasus Hotel; Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston     7 PM

  • Miami Link Up – Benjamin’s HQ; Lawrence Tavern, St. Andrew

December 28

  • Kingston College Chapel Choir Christmas Concert  – Saxthorpe Methodist Church; 143 Constant Spring Road, Kingston                    8 PM              ADMISSION: $2,000

  • Beer Wings Wednesday – ABar; Springs Plaza, Constant Spring Road, Kingston

  • Pepperseed  – Pulse Complex; 38 Trafalgar Road, Kingston  ADMISSION: FREE


December 29

  • Thursday Pasta Night – Barbican Beach Bar; 13 East Kings House Road, Kingston        ALL YOU CAN EAT PASTA: $1000 [adults] ; $500 [children – under 12] ; Children under 4: FREE      ||   Make reservations here

  • Portmore Music Festival – UDC Car Park; Portmore, St. Catherine              ADMISSION: [pre-sold/general] $1,000 ; [VIP] $2,500; [VVIP] $3,500           ||     Gates open at 6 PM

  • Irie Acoustics Festival – Sharper Lane, [Old Harbour] St. Catherine

  • Pree Money Thursdays  – Callaloo Mews, Kingston

December 30

  • Burrito Fridays – Chilitos JaMexican; 88 Hope Road, Kingston                       #GetGreatDeals
The delicious wet burrito pictured here🙂
  • Fish Fry and After Party  – Old Folly Community Centre; Old Folly [Discovery Bay, St. Ann

  • After Work Frolic – The Deck; 14 Trafalgar Road, Kingston    #GetGreatDeals


  • Seafood Fridays  – Hotel Four Seasons; 17 Ruthven Road, Kingston                 Begins at 5:30 PM


  • HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY – Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records; inside Marketplace; Constant Spring Road, Kingston

Remember: they also have a location in Ocho Rios now:

  • Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records (Ocho Rios); 101b Main Street Shop 3, New Pineapple Shopping Centre; Ocho Rios, St. Ann
  • The End: Final Salsa Class of the Year– NK Deli; New Kingston Conference Centre; 30 Dominica Drive, Kingston   

ADMISSION: FREE (7 PM); $500 (7:30 PM onwards)      || Doors open at 6 PM    ||  Class begins at  7 PM |        For more information, click here

  • Steak Night: Filet Fridays – Barbican Beach Bar; 13 East Kings House Road, Kingston                     COST: $1,500         For more information, click here

  • Steak Night  – Level 96; 96 Hope Road, Kingston

  • #BeatTheRush Fridays  – Triple Century Sports Bar; Knutsford Boulevard, [New] Kingston           4 PM – 9 PM

  • All You Can Eat Christmas Buffet – Dragon Palace Restaurant; [located inside Village Plaza] Constant Spring Road, Kingston                  6 PM          COST: $2,499 [adults]; $1,499 [children: 5-12]; Children under 5 FREE

Please note that these prices will be subject to GCT and a 5% service charge

  • White Diamonds: Heart of Eternity – Office of Nature; Negril, Westmoreland

  • FINAL Friday Music Hang Out [of 2016- – Bookophilia; 92 Hope Road, Kingston           7 PM

  • Something Different  – D’Shore; Port Maria; St. Mary                 ADMISSION: $800    || Shuttle Available from Half Way Tree, Kingston     ||        For more information, click here

  • Red Carpet Fridays  – Ribbiz Ultra Lounge; Barbican Centre; 29 East Kings House Road, Kingston (located inside Acropolis Gaming)      10 PM

  • MVP Fridays – Pulse Complex; 38 Trafalgar Road, Kingston  ADMISSION: FREE

  • Uber   – Fiction Fantasy; (inside Marketplace) 67 Constant Spring Road, Kingston

  • LSD : Liquor, Style, Dance – Club Privilege ; New Kingston

  • Construction VS Jersey  – Duhaney Park Football Field, Kingston


December 31   : NEW YEAR’S EVE


  • Children’s Story Time  – Bookophilia; 92 Hope Road, Kingston            1 PM


  • Fireworks at the Waterfront – Waterfront; Downtown Kingston          PRESHOW at 6 PM

There is a fee attached for VIP but we believe that gathering in the area is free


  • Ocho Rios High School Pageant  – Mildford Road, [Ocho Rios] St. Ann       ADMISSION: $2,500             7: 30 PM


  • Coconut Kabana New Year’s Eve Party – Mandeville


  • Round Robin  – D&R Chill Spot; 39 Long Lane, St. Andrew


  • New Year’s Eve Bash  –  Hermosa Cove; Ocho Rios, St. Ann          || For ticket information, click HERE


  • City View New Years Eve Party  – Smokyvale; [off] Mannings Hill Road, Kingston



  • New Year’s Eve Party  – Opa ! ; 75 Hope Road, Kingston


  • New Year’s Eve Party – Fisherman’s Inn; [Luminous Lagoon] Falmouth


  • Dining Under The Stars – Spring Garden Restaurant; Ocho Rios, St. Ann


  • 11:59  – 15 West Kings House Road, Kingston


  • STUSH – Turner’s Oval; Clarendon


  • Drinker’s Paradise – Roxborough Bar and Grill; St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann


  • Masquerade  – Spades Lounge; Phoenix Avenue, Kingston


  • Minuit NYE – Waterfront; Downtown Kingsron


  • Absinthe – Sabina Park; South Camp Road, Kingston


  • Midnyte Rush – Oneil’s Place; 33 Hagley Park Road, Kingston



  • pLush – Club Privilege; [New] Kingston

  • New Year’s Eve Finale – Fiction Nightclub; (inside Marketplace) 67 Constant Spring Road



BONUS – January 1   : NEW YEAR’S DAY


  • Sunrise Breakfast Party 


  • East Kingston Extravaganza


  • Soak Powder Fest


  • Climax 



Have an amazing New Year ! 

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