Night Life: for the not-so-party animal

  If you’re not a party animal then what are you? A party pooper? Nah. You’re not that either… you just may prefer to be at home most nights and occasionally surface for a drink. You may even want to hear a few “current” hits blaring from a speaker (which is not located in your…

Party Dun : A Bacchanal Carnival 2016 Recap

All images used in this post are courtesy of our friends at ARRC Creative Media. We aren’t being biased at all, but we think you need to know that they have the best pictorial carnival coverage (and we love their other work too). So check out their Facebook Page, their  Twitter feed and their website.   

Wickie Wackie Live – RECAP (December 6, 2014)

After not staging an event for a few months, the Wickie Wackie family decided to host what we would call a mega concert (not at their usual, intimate Jamnesia venue, but at the actual entrance to Wickie Wackie Beach) headlined by Jesse Royal, Mystikal Revolution and Raging Fyah.


We have a culture of partying in Jamaica, so every holiday calls for such festivities. But Emancipation and Independence holidays call for a perfect mixture of parties and cultural events. So we’ll list both for the party animals and cultural folks among us !

Carnival Tabanca: Reliving the moment [2014]

  The soca season has officially ended (save for a few parties for those die hard soca fans later this year) and it went out with a bang with Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival on April 27, 2014 . Last year they were Fogging up the place, thanks to Machel Montano now everyone is feeling Carnival Tabanca…

Major Lazer concert – December 20, 2013

The event rated as the second best party in Jamaica this year (second only to the EDX concert which was held the day after) deserves a blog post of its own. Still not sure why we took so long to share these highlights with you, but perhaps now is the perfect time since after revelling…

Bring the Sting !!

STING, said to be the greatest one night dancehall and reggae show on Earth is held on  December 26 yearly. This stage show, which features the best performers (from those two genres) made its name as a neutral ground where feuding artistes would come to “settle the score” with a lyrical clash. The event, which…

Emancipendence – Party wi a party

Several hundred years ago on August 1[1834] slavery was abolished in Jamaica. Several years after that the island sought independence from British rule on August 6 [1962]. Given these milestones in Jamaica’s history August 1 and 6 are public holidays [Emancipation Day and Independence Day, respectively].

Fogging up the place: Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival Road March 2013

For those who may not be soca fans or just don’t know what we mean by “fogging up the place” …it actually goes back to an old practice in Trinidadian carnival where powder is ‘thrown’ (for want of a better word) while they are revelling in the streets and yes it “fogs up the place”…..