Blue Lagoon: You can never go too many times

You already know that Portland is our favourite parish, and one of our favourite things to do is to go for a boat ride in Blue Lagoon and then stop by Monkey Island or San San Beach for a lazy afternoon, That’s exactly what we did a few Saturdays ago. Luckily, the price for the…

YS Falls: Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of our YS Falls post. It is really a gem. There are quite a few activities, so there’s something for everybody. There’s even zip-lining! The property is also absolutely breath-taking.  

YS Falls: Part 1

  We all know Portland is our favourite parish, however we have a series on YS Falls that will perhaps change that, even just for a little while. YS Falls located in St, Elizabeth is nothing short of a treasure. We had an amazing time there. There is a river pool, which is pictured here,…

Bob Marley Museum: Our Experience

Earlier this year one of our friends visited from overseas and said they had never been to the Bob Marley Museum. Of course we couldn’t allow them to go back without visiting the home of the Great – the Reggae Music legend – Robert Nesta Marley. We had only been to the Bob Marley Museum once…


It’s still a mystery (to the lay man) how the sound of the sea, the sound of the waves, that nice steady breeze and a bit of shade from the tree overhead can instantly calm you. No matter how stressful your day/week/month/year/life has been, the beach is the answer. We’ve compiled a pictorial list of…

The Calabash experience (2014)

What: Calabash International Literary Festival (For more information, click here) Where: Jake’s; Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth When:  May 30 – June 1

Frenchman’s Cove Beach – Portland

This wonderful treasure tucked away in Port Antonio, Portland is the ideal ‘getaway’. Nature and man made attractions combine for the perfect product of relaxation, and peaceful meditation.